Tech Specs

House System

(4) EAW KF850T 3-way tri-amped, flown, 2 per side; (4) Yorkville Elite SW1000 2×18″

Subs, RCF L18P400 loaded, (2) JBL SRX4715 2×15” subs (1) EAW MX8750 digital system

controller, All main amps are Crown Macrotech, (1) MA 5002vz for subs, (1) MA-3600vz for

subs, (1) MA-3600 for lows, (1) MA-2400 for mids, (1) MA-1200 for highs. System is stereo 4


House Desk

Midas Verona 320 mixing console

Midas Xl2900 PSU external backup power supply

House Processing:

(2) DBX-160A

mono comps- inserted on main bus (3) DBX-166XL

stereo comps

(1) Yamaha REV500

(1) KlarkTeknik DN9340E Helix 2 ch digital EQ

(1) KlarkTeknik DN6000 Audio Analyzer

(1) DBX calibrated measurement microphone

(2) Yamaha SPX-900 digital multi-effects processor

(1) Yamaha SPX-1000 digital multi-effects processor

(1) Lexicon PCM42 digital delay line

(1) KlarkTeknik SquareONE Dynamics 8 ch comp/gate

Monitor System

DDA C-12M 40X12 monitor console

4 Monitor mixes. Wedges are: (4) JBL MP415 each w/15” woofer and 1” horn, (2) JBL SR4735

each w/15” woofer and 2” horn, Drum monitor (1) Yorkville Elite EX2000 w/2 X 15 and 2”


Monitor amps/Processing-(1) Crown Macrotech MA-2400, (1) Crown Macrotech MA-

3600, (1) KlarkTeknik DN9344E Helix quad ch digital EQ- inserted on each of

the mixes (2) DBX 266 comp/gates- inserted on each of the mixes, (1)

DBX-166xl stereo comp, (1) DBX-1074 quad gate

Lighting System

Rear Lighting (36) Par 64 conventional fixtures loaded w/1000 watt narrow spots on (3) Thomas

Engineering Double Hung Truss (24 feet total). (12) Track Spots and 10 ACL’s clamped to rear

truss. Front lighting is 12 Par 64 w/1000 medium floods. Lighting controllers are (1) NSI MLC-

16 for Intelligent Fixtures and (1) NSI MLC-7524 for Conventional Fixtures. All powered by

Applied Electronics custom 48K dimmer rack.


Snake is 24 inputs from the stage, no returns available.

(8) Shure SM-57′s, (6) Shure SM-58′s, (1) Shure Beta 57, (1) EV RE320, (1) Audix D6, (2)

AKG D-112, (2) AKG C1000S Condensers, (2) Rode NT5, (1) Sennheiser MD421 II, (6)

Sennhieser E604, (2) Sennheiser e690, (8) direct boxes,

Stage Specs

Stage is 24′ w X 12′ d X 2′ h. Drum Riser is 8’W x 6’D x 1’H